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izisin vii

  1. it lies a certain way
  2. it is put or expressed a certain way (in speech, song, or writing)
  3. it is written, printed a certain way (as in a book)

See also: izhishin vai

izisin 0s imp prohib; izising 0s conj; ezising 0s ch-conj; Stem: /izisin-/

Biminizha'an imaa ezising mazina'iganing.

Follow what's printed on the paper.

Ogii-piminizha'aan 'iw ezisininig 'i mazina'igan gii-asigisidood i'iw ataasowin.

He followed the directions when he assembled the cabinet.

izisin /izisin-/: /iN-/
thus, in a certain direction, in a certain manner
; /-shin/
s/he falls, lies, treads, contacts, hits on something