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izhiwidamaage vai

s/he takes (it) to people at a certain place

nindizhiwidamaage 1s ind; izhiwidamaage 3s ind; izhiwidamaaged 3s conj; ezhiwidamaaged 3s ch-conj; Stem: /izhiwidamaage-/

Gego waniikeken ji-izhiwidamaageyan gimakizinikaanan. Waabang da-giba'igaade ozhibii'igewigamig.

Don't forget to take your moccasins you made. The office will be closed tomorrow.

izhiwidamaage /izhiwidamaage-/: /izhiwidamaw-/ stem of izhiwidamaw vta ; /-ge/
s/he acts (on an unspecified object)