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inagoozh vta

hang h/ a certain way

Paired with: inagoodoon vti2

indinagoonaa 1s - 3s ind; nindinagoonaa 1s - 3s ind; nidinagoonaa 1s - 3s ind; odinagoonaan 3s - 3' ind; inagoonaad 3s - 3' conj; enagoonaad 3s - 3' ch-conj; inagoozh 2s - 3; Stem: /inagooN-/

odinagoonaan3s - 3' ind es

O'owe inagakeyaa odinagoonaan.

He's hanging it (e.g., an animal hide) over this way.

inagoozh /inagooN-/: /iN-/
thus, in a certain direction, in a certain manner
; /-agooN/
hang h/