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inagoojin vai es

  1. s/he hangs a certain way
  2. the moon is in a certain phase

Paired with: inagoode vii

indinagoojin 1s ind; nindinagoojin 1s ind; nidinagoojin 1s ind; inagoojin 3s ind; inagoojing 3s conj; enagoojing 3s ch-conj; Stem: /inagoojin-/

inagoojin 3s ind es

Aabitawaabik inagoojin aw dibiki-giizis,

The moon is a half-moon.

inagoojin /inagoojin-/: /iN-/
thus, in a certain direction, in a certain manner
; /-agoojin/
s/he or it (animate) hangs, is suspended, falls from above