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gwiinawendan vti

miss, feel the absence of it

Paired with: gwiinawenim vta

ingwiinawendaan 1s - 0s ind; ningwiinawendaan 1s - 0s ind; nigwiinawendaan 1s - 0s ind; ogwiinawendaan 3s - 0s ind; gwiinawendang 3s - 0 conj; gwaanawendang 3s - 0 ch-conj; gwiinawendan 2s - 0 imp; Stem: /gwiinawend-/

Ogii-kwiinawendaan 'iw gaa-andawendang gaa-onji-mindawed.

What he wanted wasn't there so he got kind of mad and said the hell with it.

gwiinawendan /gwiinawend-/: /gwiinaw-/
lacking knowledge
; /-end/
act by thought on it; perceive it by thought; feel in the mind