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gishkanzh nad gh

  1. your (sg) nail (fingernail, toenail)
  2. your (sg) claw

There is no simple independent word for nail (fingernail, toenail) or claw. A personal prefix goes with the dependent noun stem /=shkanzhy-/ nail, claw to make a full word:
  • nishkanzh my nail, claw (1s-3s)
  • gishkanzh your nail, claw (2s-3s)
  • oshkanzhiin h/ nail, claw
    • [MN] oshkanzhiin h/ nail/nails, claw/claws (3s-3')
    • [BL] oshkanzhiin h/ nail, claw (3s-3's)
    • [BL] oshkanzhii’ h/ nails, claws (3s-3'p)
Some common forms of gishkanzh your nail, claw are:

gishkanzh sg; gishkanzhiig pl; Stem: /=shkanzhy-/

gishkanzh sg gh

gishkanzhiig pl gh