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gichi-apiitendaagozi vai

s/he is highly respected, is valuable, is important

Paired with: gichi-apiitendaagwad vii

nigichi-apiitendaagoz 1s ind; gichi-apiitendaagozi 3s ind; gichi-apiitendaagozid 3s conj; gechi-apiitendaagozid 3s ch-conj; Stem: /gichi-apiitendaagozi-/

Gichi-apiitendaagozi awe wemitigoozhiiwasimoons waa-adaaweyin.

The French poodle you want to buy is very valuable.

gichi-apiitendaagozi /gichi-apiitendaagozi-/: gichi- pv lex ; /apiitendaagozi-/ stem of apiitendaagozi vai ;