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gawishimo vai

s/he lies down, goes to bed

ingawishim 1s ind; ningawishim 1s ind; nigawishim 1s ind; gawishimo 3s ind; gawishimod 3s conj; gewishimod 3s ch-conj; Stem: /gawishimo-/

Gichi-noonde-nibaayaan gaa-izhi-gawishimoyaan wii-nibaayaan.

I was so sleepy I lay down to go to sleep.

Naawisag gii-kawishimo 'a nindaanis.

My daughter lay down in the middle of the floor.

gawishimo /gawishimo-/: /gaw-/
prostrate, down and over, overturned
; /-shimo/
s/he falls, lies, dances
Reduplicated Form: gagawishimo