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gabaachigaade vii

it is cooked by boiling (by someone), "they" cook it by boiling

gabaachigaade 0s ind; gabaachigaadeg 0s conj; gebaachigaadeg 0s ch-conj; Stem: /gabaachigaade-/

Niwii'-agwinjidoon nindabwewin ji-nookagwindeg gaa-gii-kabaachigaadeg imaa nindabwewining.

I'm going to soak my frying pan so what was boiled in it (oatmeal) will soften up.

gabaachigaade /gabaachigaade-/: /gabaat-/ stem of gabaatoon vti2 ; /-gaade/
it undergoes action (by someone)