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dazhiikigaade vii

it is worked on, worked at (by someone), "they" work on it, at it

dazhiikigaade 0s ind; dazhiikigaadeg 0s conj; endazhiikigaadeg 0s ch-conj; dazhiikigaademagad 0s ind aug; Stem: /dazhiikigaade-/

Ingii-anookii ji-izhiwijigaadeg injiimaan ji-dazhiikigaadeg.

I hired someone to take my boat over there to get it worked on.

dazhiikigaade /dazhiikigaade-/: /dazhiik-/ stem of dazhiikan vti ; /-gaade/
it undergoes action (by someone)