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dagonigaade vii

it is added, mixed in (by someone), "they" add, mix it in

Paired with: dagonigaazo vai

dagonigaade 0s ind; dagonigaadeg 0s conj; degonigaadeg 0s ch-conj; dagonigaademagad 0s ind aug; Stem: /dagonigaade-/

Maazhipogod 'i manoomin. Awegodogwen dinowa miinawaa imaa gaa-tagonigaadegwen.

That rice tastes bad. I wonder what kind of thing they put in there again.

dagonigaade /dagonigaade-/: /dagon-/ stem of dagonan vti ; /-gaade/
it undergoes action (by someone)
Reduplicated Form: dadagonigaade