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bikwaakwado-bagamaagan ni

a ball-headed club

bikwaakwado-bagamaagan sg; bikwaakwado-bagamaaganan pl; bikwaakwado-bagamaagaans dim; Stem: /bikwaakwado-bagamaagan-/

You can see a bikwaakwado-bagamaagan from Bear Island, Leech Lake, Minnesota, now in the collections of the National Museum of the American Indian, at: NMAI 2/2713 War club with animal effigy handle.

bikwaakwado-bagamaagan /bikwaakwado-bagamaagan-/: bikwaakwado- compounding form of /bikwaakwadw-/ stem of bikwaakwad ni ; /bagamaagan-/ stem of bagamaagan ni ;