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biichibabiinzikawaagane vai

s/he puts on h/ coat or jacket

See also: biichibiinzikawaagane vai [BL]

imbiichibabiinzikawaagane 1s ind; nimbiichibabiinzikawaagane 1s ind; nibiichibabiinzikawaagane 1s ind; biichibabiinzikawaagane 3s ind; biichibabiinzikawaaganed 3s conj; baachibabiinzikawaaganed 3s ch-conj; Stem: /biichibabiinzikawaagane-/

biichibabiinzikawaagane /biichibabiinzikawaagane-/: /biit-/
put on, don
; /-babiinzikawaagan-/
coat, jacket
; /-e/