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baapichigaazo vai

s/he is being laughed at (by someone), "they" laugh at h/

baapichigaazo 3s ind; baapichigaazod 3s conj; Stem: /baapichigaazo-/

Mii go apane mamiikwaazod a'awe wewebanaabiid. Gaawiin ganage ogikendanziin baapichigaazod.

That fishermen is always bragging. He doesn't even know he's being laughed at.

Gii-paapichigaazo niitaawis gii-shaagooji'igod omindimooyenyiman.

They laughed at my cousnin when his old lady over-powered him.

baapichigaazo /baapichigaazo-/: /baapit-/ stem of baapitoon vti2 ; /-gaazo/
h/ or it (animate) undergoes action (by someone)