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apiitenim vta

regard h/ to such an extent, be so proud of h/

Paired with: apiitendan vti

indapiitenimaa 1s - 3s ind; nindapiitenimaa 1s - 3s ind; nidapiitenimaa 1s - 3s ind; odapiitenimaan 3s - 3' ind; apiitenimaad 3s - 3' conj; epiitenimaad 3s - 3' ch-conj; apiitenim 2s - 3 imp; Stem: /apiitenim-/

Aaniin epiitenimad awe eshpabid. | Namanj iidog onzaam wayiiba.

How do you regard the chairman? I don't's too early to tell.

apiitenim /apiitenim-/: /apiit-/
to a certain extent, degree, rate, or speed
; /-enim/
act by thought on h/, feel about h/