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agozigwaji vai

s/he or it (animate) freezes to the ice, is frozen to the ice

nindagozigwaj 1s ind; nidagozigwaj 1s ind; agozigwaji 3s ind; agozigwajid 3s conj; egozigwajid 3s ch-conj; Stem: /agozigwaji-/

Gii'-agozigwaji gii-dasoozod amik.

The beaver got stuck to the ice when it was in the trap.

agozigwaji /agozigwaji-/: /agw-/
stick, adhere, attach
; /-zigw-/
ice-like, slab; something formed in slabs or cakes; ice
; /-aji/
s/he or it (animate) is cold, is affected by the cold; is frozen