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aabajichigaazo vai

s/he is used (by someone), "they" use h/

indaabajichigaaz 1s ind; nindaabajichigaaz 1s ind; nidaabajichigaaz 1s ind; aabajichigaazo 3s ind; aabajichigaazod 3s conj; ayaabajichigaazod 3s ch-conj; Stem: /aabajichigaazo-/

Ogii-piigoboonaan iniw nabagisagoon waa-aabajichigaazonipan.

He cut up and ruined that lumber they were going to use.

aabajichigaazo /aabajichigaazo-/: /aabajit-/ stem of aabajitoon vti2 ; /-gaazo/
h/ or it (animate) undergoes action (by someone)