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red-throated loon


Smallest, least robust loon (length 53–69 cm; mass 1.0–2.7 kg), with slender neck and fine bill, which is usually held tilted above the horizontal. Although the smallest loon on average, overlaps in size with some Pacific Loon (Gavia pacifica) and Arctic Loon (G. arctica). Head slighter and forehead often appears more gently sloping than in other loons. In flight, feet trailing behind body also appear relatively small compared to those of other loons, and body appears hunchbacked, with somewhat drooping, slim neck. Male larger and heavier than female, but with considerable overlap. Plumage of sexes alike. - Daniel J. Rizzolo, Carrie E. Gray, Joel A. Schmutz, Jack F. Barr, Christine Eberl, and Judith W. McIntyre Version: 2.0 — Published April 16, 2020 (The Cornell Lab of Omithology Birds of the World)
Red throated loon