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Thumb 1480
Paddle to stir syrup and sugar
Thumb 1485
Wooden sugaring trough
Thumb 1408
Sap bucket of folded birch bark
Thumb 10025467
Muffin tin
Thumb 10013328
Fred and Mary Day making maple sugar, Mille Lacs
Thumb 10013330
Ojibwe with maple sugar in birchbark containers
Thumb splitting wood
splitting wood at sugar camp
Thumb maplesugaram 20000533jpg
collecting sap
Thumb p4121452
dipping an evergreen bough to prevent sap from boiling over
Thumb 35761
Building a birch bark tepee at maple sugar camp
Thumb 35221
Storage lodge used for storing implements
Thumb 45708
Maple sugar in birch bark container
Thumb 49125
Indians making maple sugar, Cass Lake
Thumb 35861
Ojibway women filling birch bark containers
Thumb 40081
Lucy Clark displaying maple sugar birch bark container
Thumb 35752
Dorr Family at maple sugar camp
Thumb 35724
Dorr Family at maple sugar camp
Thumb 35786
Richard Gahbowh's maple sugar camp
Thumb 98884
Georgia Sherman at Indian sugar camp
Thumb 64065
Chippewa Indians at a sugar camp
Thumb i.69.198
Road into Sugar Bush
Thumb i.69.197
Old Sugar Bush
Thumb 13158
Frame of a maple sugar lodge
Thumb 4995 a
Mary Bigwind and Maggie Skinaway making birch bark containers
Thumb i.69.201
Making birch bark sap bucket
Thumb i.69.162
Making birch bark sap bucket, Mille Lacs
Thumb 5000 a
Mrs. John Mink collecting maple sap, Mille Lacs
Thumb 35222
Collecting maple sap in pails
Thumb 35314
Collecting maple sap, Mille Lacs Indian Reservation
Thumb i.69.203
Maple sugar sap icicle, Mille Lacs
Thumb i.69.205
Frozen sap icicle, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb i.69.207
Sap dripping at Day's Place, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb i.69.209
Violet Weyaus Boiling Sap, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb i.69.220
Stirring Syrup After Boiling, Martin Kegg's, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb i.69.222
Stirring Maple Syrup, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb i.69.219
Straining Maple Syrup, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb i.69.214
Mrs. Day Granulating Maple Sugar
Thumb i.69.216
Granulating Maple Sugar, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb 35319
Martin Kegg pouring sugar into mold
Thumb i.69.223
Sugar cooling at Kegg's Place, Lake Mille Lacs
Thumb 35300008
FIrewood being prepared for sugaring
Thumb maplesugaram 20000533jpg
Maple sap being poured
Thumb maplesugarcor01 20000578jpg
Maple sap being prepared for transfer
Thumb p4121452
Pine bough used to control boiling
Thumb maplesugaram 20000530jpg
Checking a stick for scent
Thumb maplesugaram 20000540jpg
Boiling maple syrup
Thumb maplesugaram 20000543jpg
Frozen sap icicle
Thumb maplesugaram 20000544jpg
Pouring maple syrup
Thumb maplesugarcor01 20000581jpg
Collecting Maple sap in pails
Thumb 35300003
Boiling maple sap