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Thumb 6238
Thumb 1511
Paddle for parching rice
Thumb 9027
1890s birch bark canoe
Thumb 6631
1918 birch bark canoe
Thumb 1500
Birch bark mat
Thumb 9068
Clay vessel dated 600 A.D. with evidence of wild rice
Thumb 1384
Makak with tumpline
Thumb 10013331
Ojibwe woman winnowing wild rice
Thumb 1875
Awl used in making a winnowing basket
Thumb 1504
Basswood fiber
Thumb 8534
Basswood fiber
Thumb 1062
Nettle twine
Thumb i.69.140
Parching wild rice at Chicog's, Nett Lake
Thumb 2081 b
Threshing wild rice, White Earth Reservation.
Thumb 1903
Ojibwe Indians beating wild rice to break the husk.
Thumb 17323
Ojibwe gathering wild rice at Mille Lacs.
Thumb i.69 3e129
Unloading wild rice from canoes, Nett Lake
Thumb i.69.130
Sacking Green Wild Rice, Nett Lake
Thumb 45357
Winnowing wild rice
Thumb 13132
Two women winnowing rice
Thumb 92703
Jim Drift Winnowing Rice
Thumb 13134
Woman drying rice on sheets of birch bark.
Thumb 92705
Drying Wild Rice on Birch Bark
Thumb i.69.151
Threshing Wild Rice
Thumb i.69.153
Threshing Rice by Car Power
Thumb 35254
Helen Peterson and her husband wild ricing
Thumb 35253
Wild ricing, Nett Lake Indian Reservation
Thumb 35261
Wild ricing at Nett Lake
Thumb 35255
Wild ricing, Nett Lake Indian Reservation
Thumb 35244
Wild ricing, Nett Lake Indian Reservation
Thumb 42442
Ojibwe women gathering wild rice.
Thumb 38616
Indians harvesting wild rice
Thumb 13144
Canoe used for wild rice harvest.
Thumb 14925
Indians gathering wild rice
Thumb 98566
Indians gathering wild rice
Thumb 7268
Poles for pushing rice boats
Thumb 21610
Harvesting wild rice
Thumb i.69.125
Mrs. Albert Geshing collecting wild rice
Thumb 92704
Finished Rice in Birch Bark Basket
Thumb 87685
Parching wild rice, Cass Lake
Thumb 3934
Ojibwe children in wild rice camp
Thumb i.69.140
Parching Wild Rice at Chicog's
Thumb i.69 3e132
Rice Parching, Nett Lake
Thumb 55176
Parching rice near Federal Dam
Thumb 35263
Grace Rogers parching wild rice
Thumb 8105
A slow birch fire parches the rice and loosens the hull.
Thumb i.69.146
Parching Rice at Field's Place, Nett Lake
Thumb i.69.134
Drying Wild Rice, Nett Lake
Thumb 55295
Woman in boat tying wild rice stalks with basswood fiber.
Thumb iii.43.56
Wild rice field