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zhooshkwaada'aagan na [BL] [RL] a skate, an ice skate

See also: zhooshkwaada'aagan ni

zhooshkwaada'e vai s/he skates

zhooshkwaada'e-aabajichigan ni item of hockey equipment

zhooshkwaada'ewasab na [BL] a hockey goal

zhooshkwaada'ewaatig ni [BL]

zhooshkwaada'ewigamig ni a rink, a hockey arena

zhooshkwaagim na a ski

zhooshkwaagime vai s/he skis

zhooshkwaagimebizo vai s/he skis

zhooshkwaagonagaa vii there is smooth snow

zhooshkwaakozi vai it (animate; stick-like) is smooth

Paired with: zhooshkwaakwad vii

zhooshkwaakwad vii it is smooth (as something stick- or wood-like)

Paired with: zhooshkwaakozi vai

zhooshkwaandawebizo vai s/he climbs on something and slides, slides on a slide

zhooshkwegad vii it (sheet-like) is smooth

Paired with: zhooshkwegizi vai

zhooshkwega' vta iron h/

Paired with: zhooshkwega'an vti

zhooshkwega'an vti iron it

Paired with: zhooshkwega' vta

(detransitive) zhooshkwega'ige vai s/he irons clothes (derived noun) zhooshkwega'igan ni an iron
zhooshkwega'igan ni an iron

See also: zhooshkwega'igan na [RL]

zhooshkwega'igan na [RL] an iron

See also: zhooshkwega'igan ni

zhooshkwega'iganaatig ni an ironing board

zhooshkwega'ige vai s/he irons clothes

zhooshkwegizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is smooth

Paired with: zhooshkwegad vii

zhooshkwiingwe vai s/he has a smooth face

zhooshooshkwajiwe vai s/he keeps sliding downhill