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washkigaabawi vai s/he turns while standing

washkigiiwe vai s/he turns and goes back

washkikaa vai s/he suddenly changes directions, changes h/ course

washkitigweyaa vii it (a river) flows around a bend

wawaabijiiyaabi vai s/he has grey eyes

wawaabishe'o vai the sun has sun dogs

wawaabishkitawage vai s/he has white ears

wawaaga'amii vai s/he walks bow-legged

wawaagigaade vai s/he is bow-legged

wawaagizide vai s/he is pigeon-toed

wawaagizide'amii vai s/he walks pigeon-toed

wawaagizidekawe vai s/he leaves pigeon-toed tracks

wawaanendam vai2 s/he doesn't know what to do or think, is dumbfounded

wawaanendami' vta

wawaasaabizo vai h/ eyes shine

wawaasese vii there is lightning

wawaashkitigweyaa vii it is a winding river

wawaawashkamon vii it is a winding road or trail

wawaawashkaakozi vai it (stick-like, animate) is crooked, is a crooked tree

wawaawashkaakwad vii it (stick-like) is crooked, is a crooked stick

Paired with: wawaawashkaakozi vai

wawenabi vai s/he is sits down, stays seated; s/he makes a place for h/ self to sit

wawepizo vai a/he dresses up

wawezhichigaade vii it is decorated (by someone), "they" decorate it

wawezhichigaazo vai s/he is decorated (by someone), "they" decorate h/

wawezhichige vai s/he decorates things