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waabigwaniiwadisan vti dye it pink

Paired with: waabigwaniiwadiswi vta [NI]

waabigwaniiwadiswi vta [NI] dye h/ pink

Paired with: waabigwaniiwadisan vti

waabijii- pv lex grey, (off)white

waabijiigwan na a grey feather

waabijiishkinzhii vai s/he has a grey snout or muzzle

waabijiiwadowe vai

waabijiiyaa vii it is grey

Paired with: waabijiizi vai

waabijiiyaabi vai s/he has grey eyes

waabijiiyaakigane vai s/he has a grey chest, is grey-breasted

waabijiiyaaso vai it (animate) fades in light

Paired with: waabijiiyaate vii

waabijiiyaate vii it fades in the light

Paired with: waabijiiyaaso vai

waabijiizi vai s/he or it (animate) is grey

Paired with: waabijiiyaa vii

waabikwaan ni a strand of grey hair

waabikwe vai s/he has grey hair

waabimon ni [BL] a mirror

waabinewizi vai s/he is pale

waabishkadaawangad vii it (sand-like, powder) is white

Paired with: waabishkadaawangizi vai

waabishkadaawangaa vii there is white sand

waabishkadaawangizi vai s/he (sand-like, powder) is white

Paired with: waabishkadaawangad vii

waabishkadisan vti dye, color it white or a light colour

waabishkadite vii it is dyed, is colored white or a light color

waabishkadowe vai s/he has white fur

waabishkanagekozi vai it (animate); a tree) has white bark

waabishkananiisi na [BL] a harrier

Northern harrier
Circus cyaneus

waabishkanashkidii vai s/he (a bird) has a white tail