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maji- pv lex bad

maji-izhi vta speak ill of or to h/; swear at h/

maji-izhiwebizi vai s/he misbehaves, behaves improperly, is naughty, is evil

maji-manidoo na an evil spirit, a devil

maji-manidoowaadizi vai s/he is evil, is possessed by an evil spirit

maji-mashkiki ni poison; bad medicine: a remedy or spell having or intended to have negative results

majigiizhwe vai s/he swears

majigoodenh ni a dress

majinaagozi vai s/he looks bad, looks poor, looks inadequate

Paired with: majinaagwad vii

majinaagwad vii it looks bad, looks poor, looks inadequate

Paired with: majinaagozi vai

majitan vti dislike the sound of it

makade ni black gunpowder

makade- pv lex black; dark (color)

makade-aniibiish ni black tea

makade-aniibiishi-ozhaawishkwaa vii [NI] it is dark green

makade-bakwezhigan na unbleached flour

makade-bigiw na tar, asphalt

makade-ma'iingan na a black wolf

makade-manidoominens na a black bead

makade-manoomin ni black wild rice

makade-mashkikiwaabo ni [BL] coffee

See also: makade-mashkikiwaaboo ni [MN]

makade-mashkikiwaaboo ni [MN] coffee

See also: makade-mashkikiwaabo ni [BL]

makade-miigwan na a black feather

See also: makadewigwan na

makade-ozaawadowe vai s/he has dark-brown fur

makade-ozhaawishkozi vai [NI]

Paired with: makade-ozhaawishkwaa vii [NI]