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minweweyaashkaa vii the waves sound nice

misajidamoo na a grey squirrel; a fox squirrel

fox squirrel, grey squirrel
Sciurus spp.

misakakojiish na [S] a badger

American badger
Taxisea taxus

See also: mitanask na [N]

misan ni (pieces of) firewood

misawaa adv gram even though; no matter what; even if

misawaabam vta look with desire at h/, want to have h/ (someone or something seen)

Paired with: misawaabandan vti

misawaabandan vti look with desire at it, want to have it

misawaabi vai s/he sees something desirable, wishes to have something s/he sees

misawendam vai2 s/he needs, wants, desires something

(derived noun) misawendamowin ni desire
misawendamowin ni desire

misawendan vti want, desire it

Paired with: misawenim vta

(detransitive) misawenjige vai s/he wants, desires things
misawenim vta want, desire h/

Paired with: misawendan vti

misawenjige vai s/he wants, desires things

misawinan vti wish to have it

Paired with: misawinaw vta

misawinaw vta wish to have h/ or it (animate)

Paired with: misawinan vti

misawitaagozi vai s/he sounds desirable

Paired with: misawitaagwad vii

misawitaagwad vii it sounds desirable

Paired with: misawitaagozi vai

misaabe na a giant

misaabekwe na a giant (female)

misaabooz na a jack rabbit

white-tailed jack rabbit
Lepus townsendii

misko- pv lex red

misko-bineshiinh na a cardinal

northern cardinal
Cardinalis cardinalis

misko-jiis ni a beet

misko-manidoominens na a red bead

misko-miigwan na a red feather

See also: miskogwan na

misko-waagosh na a red fox

Vulpes vulpes

miskobag ni a red leaf

miskobagad vii it has red leaves, is a red leaf

Paired with: miskobagizi vai

miskobagaa vii there are red leaves

Paired with: miskobagizi vai

miskobagizi vai s/he (a tree) has red leaves

Paired with: miskobagad vii

miskobii'an vti color it red; paint it red

miskodaase vai s/he wears red pants

miskodiisimin na a bean

See also: miskojiisimin na

miskodoone vai s/he has red lips

miskodoonebii' vta [BL] put lipstick on h/

(reflexive) miskodoonebii'odizo vai s/he puts h/ lipstick on
miskodoonebii'igan ni [BL] a lipstick

miskodoonebii'o vai s/he wears lipstick

(derived noun) miskodoonebii'on ni [BL] a lipstick
miskodoonebii'odizo vai s/he puts h/ lipstick on

miskodoonebii'on ni [BL] a lipstick

miskodoonechigan ni a lipstick

miskodoonechige vai s/he wears lipstick

miskoganzhiibii'igan ni red nail polish

miskogaadeyaab ni yarn

miskogizi vai it (animate; something wooden) is red

miskogwan na a red feather

miskogwane vai s/he (a bird) has red feathers

misko'o vai s/he wears red

miskojaabi vai s/he has red eyes

miskojaane vai s/he has a red nose

miskojaanewaji vai h/ nose is red from the cold

miskojiisimin na a bean

See also: miskodiisimin na

miskojiisiminaaboo ni [N] bean soup

miskokaadaak na a beet

miskokobaa vii it is red brush. there is red brush

miskokonaye vai s/he dresses in red

miskomin na a raspberry

wild red raspberry
Rubus idaeus

(verb of abundance) miskominikaa vii there are (many) raspberries
miskominagad vii it (something small and round, grain, berry) is red

Paired with: miskominagizi vai

miskominaganzh na a raspberry bush

miskominaganzhiiwaabo ni

miskominagizi vai it (animate; something small and round, grain, berry) is red

Paired with: miskominagad vii

miskomini-baashkiminasigan ni raspberry sauce or jam

miskomini-baashkiminasigani-biitoosijigani-bakwezhigan na a raspberry pie

miskomini-biitoosijigan na [BL] a raspberry pie

miskominikaa vii there are (many) raspberries

miskonaagozi vai s/he looks red, appears red

Paired with: miskonaagwad vii

miskonaagwad vii it looks red, appears red

Paired with: miskonaagozi vai

miskondibe vai s/he is red-headed

miskopwaagan na a red pipe

miskopwaaganasin na red pipestone, catlinite

miskosagad vii it (something board-like) is red

Paired with: miskosagizi vai

miskosagizi vai s/he (something board-like, floor) is red

Paired with: miskosagad vii

miskoskawe vai it (animate; fish) has red meat

miskoshkiinzhigwe vai s/he has a red eye or red eyes

miskotigwaane vai [BL]
  1. s/he has a red head
  2. s/he has red hair

miskozi vai s/he is red

Paired with: miskwaa vii

miskozigozi vai s/he (ice, something in a cake or bar) is red

Paired with: miskozigwaa vii

miskozigwaa vii it (something in a cake or bar) is red

Paired with: miskozigozi vai

miskwadaawangaa vii there is red sand

miskwadis vta color, dye h/ red

Paired with: miskwadisan vti

miskwadisan vti color, dye it red

Paired with: miskwadis vta

miskwadiso vai s/he is dyed red, is colored red

Paired with: miskwadite vii

miskwadiswi vta

miskwadis vta

miskwadite vii it is dyed red, is colored red

Paired with: miskwadiso vai

miskwadowe vai s/he has red or reddish fur

miskwakamigaa vii it is red earth; it is red ground

miskwakone vii it blazes up

miskwakwad vii there is a red sky, the sky is red

miskwanagekozi vai it (animate) has red bark

Paired with: miskwanagekwad vii

miskwanagekwad vii it has red bark

Paired with: miskwanagekozi vai

miskwanowe vai s/he has a red cheek or red cheeks

miskwanowechigan ni rouge

miskwanowechige vai s/he uses rouge

miskwanoweshin vai

miskwazhe vai s/he has measles

miskwaa vii they (inanimate) are red

Paired with: miskozi vai

miskwaabigan na red clay

miskwaabigwan ni [BL] a red flower

See also: miskwaabigwani-nitii ni [BL]

miskwaabigwani-nitii ni [BL] Red Rose Tea

See also: miskwaabigwan ni [BL]

miskwaabik ni (a piece of) copper

miskwaabikad vii it (mineral) is red

Paired with: miskwaabikizi vai