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madaabiiyaanimad vii the wind blows to the lake

madaabiiyaanimizi vai s/he runs down to the shore in fear

madaabiiyaawadaaso vai s/he hauls a load down to the shore

madaabiiyaawadoon vti2 haul it down to the shore

(detransitive) madaabiiyaawadaaso vai s/he hauls a load down to the shore
madaabiiyaawanidiwag vai they go down to shore in a group

madaabiiyoode vii it crawls down to the lake

madaagamin vii it is turbulent water

madaako vai s/he gets out on the ice, goes on the ice

madaakon vai + o get out on, go out on it on the ice

madenamaw vta

madendaagozi vai s/he is helpless, is good for nothing

madoodison ni [NI] [RL] a sweat lodge

See also: madoodiswan ni

madoodisonaatig] ni [NI] a sweat lodge pole

madoodisonike vai [NI] [RL] s/he puts up a sweat lodge

madoodiswan ni a sweat lodge

See also: madoodison ni [NI] [RL]

madoodiswaagen vai + o use it for a sweat lodge

madoodoo vai s/he takes a sweat bath

madoodoo'iwe vai s/he runs a sweat

madoodoowasin na a rock for a sweat lodge

madoodoowinini na a Finn

madwe- pv lex audible; being heard; making noise; visible

madwebagaasin vii the leaves can be heard blowing in the wind

madwebatoo vai s/he is heard running

madwebide vii it is heard driving, is heard running or operating, is idling

Paired with: madwebizo vai

madwebidoon vti2 make noise pulling or ripping it

Paired with: madwebizh vta

(detransitive) madwebijige vai s/he makes noise pulling or ripping something