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gidoonagise vai s/he falls out of a boat

gidoondan nid your heel

gidooskwan nid your elbow

gidoozhim nad
  1. your nephew (parallel nephew: a male's brother's son or a female's sister's son)
  2. your stepson

gidoozhimikwem nad your stepdaughter

gidoozhimis nad your niece (parallel niece: female's sister's daughter or male's brother's daughter)

giga nad your mother

gigabi vai s/he sits with something

gigagoode vai s/he wears a dress

gigakizine vai [BL] s/he wears moccasins or shoes

gigakizineshin vai s/he lies down or sleeps with h/ moccasins or shoes on

gigazhigane vai s/he wears socks

gigaanziyaane vai s/he wear s a diaper, has a diaper on

gigaatigwaan ni a sliver (in h/ body)

gigaatigwe vai s/he has a sliver

gigibabagiwayaane vai s/he wears a shirt

gigibabiinzikawaagane vai s/he wears a coat

gigibagizi vai it (animate) has leaves

gigibaashkizigane vai s/he has a gun on h/

gigidaabaane vai s/he has h/ car with h/

gigidig nad [ML] your knee

gigidig nid [C] [N] your knee

gigigiboodiyegwaazone vai s/he wears pants

gigigoodaase she wears a dress, has a dress on

See also: gigagoode vai

gigigwaashkonin vai + o [BL] jump with it

gigikwewe vai s/he has your woman along

gigiminjikawaagane vai s/he wears mittens

gigiminjikaawane vai s/he wears mittens

gigimitigwaabii vai s/he has a bow or bows with h/, carries a bow

gigimookomaane vai s/he has a knife on h/

gigishimon vai + o s/he dances holding something

gigishkan vti have it on (the body), bear it (on the body); wear it

Paired with: gigishkaw vta

gigishkaw vta
  1. have h/, it (animate) on (the body); wear it (animate)
  2. be pregnant with h/

Paired with: gigishkan vti

gigishkawaawaso vai she is pregnant

(derived noun) gigishkawaawasowin ni pregnancy
gigishkawaawasowin ni pregnancy

gigishkaajige vai she is pregnant

gigishkigan ni [plural] clothes; (an item of) clothing

gigitiziim nad your parent

gigiwiiwakwaane vai s/he wears a hat

gigiwiiwakwaanesin vii

gigizheb adv tmp in the morning

gigizhebaa- pv lex morning

gigizhebaa-miijin vti3 eat it for breakfast

gigizhebaa-wiisini vai s/he eats breakfast

(derived noun) gigizhebaa-wiisiniwin ni breakfast
gigizhebaa-wiisiniwin ni breakfast

gigizhebaawagad vii it is morning

gigizhebaawe vai s/he wakes up in the morning

gigizhebaawii vai s/he wakes up early

gigizhimaagane vai s/he carries a lance, spear

gigizin vai + o s/he has it in h/ possession, keeps it

gigizhiibaashka'iganimagoode vai s/he wears a jingle dress

gigondashkway nid your throat

gigozis nad your son

gigoodaas nid your dress

gigoonzhe vai s/he has h/ a child or children along with h/

gigwizis nad [BL] your son

See also: gigozis nad

gijaan nid [N] your nose

See also: gijaanzh nid [S]

gijaanzh nid [S] your nose

See also: gijaan nid [N]

gijibide vii it falls off in operation, pops off

Paired with: gijibizo vai

gijibidoon vti2 pull it off, remove it with hands

Paired with: gijibizh vta

gijibizh vta pull h/ off, remove h/ with hands

Paired with: gijibidoon vti2

gijibizo vai s/he or it (animate) exits fast, falls out or off, pops off

gijichaag nad your soul (the spirit within)

gijidaabaadan vti drag it out or off

Paired with: gijidaabaazh vta

gijidaabaazh vta drag h/ off or out

Paired with: gijidaabaadan vti

gijigadaasin vii the snow blown into ripples

gijigadaawangaa vii the sand is rippled

gijigadaawangaa'an vii there are ripples in the sand formed by waves

gijigadinaa vii there is a range of hills, a ridge

gijigaa vii it is rippled

Paired with: gijigizi vai

gijigaabikad vii it (mineral) is corrugated

gijigaagipii vai s/he has h/ ribs show

gijigaanakwagoode vii there are jagged rippled clouds

gijigemikwaane vai its (animate; turtle) shell has ridges

gijigi- pv lex zigzag, rippled

gijigi-baatepin ni [BL] a rippled potato chip

gijigi-moozhwaagan ni pinking shears

gijigijigaaneshiinh na a chickadee

Parus spp.

See also: jigijigaaneshiinh na [LLC]

gijigikodan vti carve it zigzag or rippled

Paired with: gijigikozh vta

gijigikode vii it is carved zigzag or rippled

Paired with: gijigikozo vii

gijigikozh vta carve h/ zigzag or rippled

Paired with: gijigikodan vti

gijigikozo vii it (animate) is carved zigzag or rippled

Paired with: gijigikode vii

gijigisagad vii it (board) is rippled

gijigizi vai it (animate) is rippled, has ridges

Paired with: gijigaa vii

gijigiigad vii it (sheet-like) is rippled, is zigzag

Paired with: gijigiigizi vai

gijigiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is rippled, is zigzag

Paired with: gijigiigad vii

gijigonewebizh vta pull it (animate) out of the mouth quickly

gijigwaadan vti remove it with something sharp

Paired with: gijigwaazh vta

gijigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps off, jumps out

gijigwaazh vta remove h/ with something sharp

Paired with: gijigwaadan vti

gijikonayezigan na hominy

gijikonayeziganaaboo ni hominey soup

gijiminagishkan vti thresh it by dancing on it

gijinagizhiin vta gut, disembowel h/

gijipizo vai s/he is belted

gijipizon ni a belt
gijipizon ni a belt

gijipizonaabik ni a belt buckle

gijipizonens ni a fan belt

gijiwebaasin vii it is blown out forcefully

Paired with: gijiwebaashi vai

gijiwebaashi vai s/he or it (animate) is blown out forcefully

Paired with: gijiwebaasin vii