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da naa pc disc what the heck!, what the hell!, damn! [particle cluster expressing mild disbelief, despair, or disapproval]

da- pv tns future tense (in independent order verbs with no personal preverb and, for some speakers, in unchanged conjunct verbs)

dabasabi vai s/he sits low

dabasadinaa vii it is a low small hill

dabasadowe vai s/he has short thin fur

dabasagoode vii it hangs low

Paired with: dabasagoojin vai

dabasagoodoon vti2 hang it low or lower

Paired with: dabasagoozh vta

dabasagoojigaade vii

dabasagoojin vai s/he hangs low

Paired with: dabasagoode vii

dabasagoozh vta hang h/ low or lower

Paired with: dabasagoodoon vti2

dabasa'am vai2 s/he flies low

dabasajiw ni a low mountain

dabasakamigaa vii it is low ground

dabasakide vii it stands low

Paired with: dabasakizo vai

dabasakizo vai s/he (not a person) stands low

Paired with: dabasakide vii

dabasakii vii it stands low out of the ground

dabasashkad vii it (plant, grass) has a low stalk, is low

dabasaya'ii adv loc down low

dabasaa vii it is low

dabasaabi vai s/he looks down low

dabasaagamishkaa vai it (liquid) goes low; it (blood) is low in pressure

dabasaagonagaa vii there is low snow

dabasaakosin vii it (stick-like) lies low

dabasaakwaa vii there are low trees

dabasaakweyaa vii there is a low tree line