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babaamadaawewinini na a peddlar

babaamademo vai s/he goes about crying

babaamadewe vai s/he goes, walks about on the snow crust

babaama'adoo vai s/he walks about on a road or trail

babaama'amaazo vai s/he goes about singing

babaama'azh vta track h/ about

babaama'oojige vai s/he transports something about (especially on the water), leads or tows something about on the water

babaama'oozh vta transport h/ around (especially by boat)

babaamakii'ige vai [S] s/he poles a boat around

See also: babaamakii'o vai [BL]

babaamakii'o vai [BL] s/he poles a canoe around

See also: babaamakii'ige vai [S]

babaamakwazhiwe vai s/he paddles around in a circle; it (animate) swims about (as a fish)

babaamanaandam vai2 s/he goes about hungry

babaamanokii vai s/he works around

babaamanookii vai s/he goes around hiring people

babaamanoozo vai s/he goes about smoking tobacco

babaamaabate vii it (smoke) goes about

babaamaabiigin vta lead h/ around on a leash or line

babaamaaboode vii it drifts about on the current

Paired with: babaamaaboozo vai

babaamaaboozo vai s/he or it (animate) drifts about on the current

Paired with: babaamaaboode vii

babaamaadaga'oodoon vti pull, tow it about through the water

babaamaadagaa vai s/he swims about

See also: babaamaadage vai [BL]

babaamaadagaako vai s/he goes about on the ice

babaamaadagaakobatoo vai s/he runs about on the ice, around on the ice

babaamaadagaazii vai s/he wades about

babaamaadage vai [BL] s/he swims about

See also: babaamaadagaa vai