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ba- pv dir here; hither; this way; toward the speaker

bi- pv dir

babagiwayaan ni a shirt, (a piece of) cloth

See also: bagiwayaan ni [LLC]

babagiwayaanegamig ni a tent

See also: bagiwaanegamig ni [BL]

babagiwayaanegamigwegin ni (a piece of) canvas

babagiwayaanekizin ni a tennis shoe, a canvas shoe

babagiwayaaniigin ni (a piece of) cloth, a rag

babanaadendam vai2 s/he is discouraged, is in despair, thinks things hopeless

babanaadendan vti be discouraged about it, be in despair about it, think it is hopeless

Paired with: babanaadenim vta

babanaadenim vta be discouraged about h/, be in despair about h/, think h/ hopeless

Paired with: babanaadendan vti

babanaadenimo vai s/he thinks h/self hopeless, has no faith in h/ self

babazigwiiwag vai they each stand up

babaa- pv dir going about, going around

babaa-ayaa vai s/he goes around, wanders about

babaaganowe vai s/he has h/ cheeks swell up, has swollen cheeks

babaagidoone vai s/he has swollen lips

babaagidooskwane vai s/he has swollen elbows

babaagigaade vai s/he has swollen legs

babaagigidigwe vai s/he has swollen knees

babaaginike vai s/he has swollen arms

babaagininjii vai s/he has swollen hands

babaaginiishkwe vai s/he has swollen glands

babaagitawage vai s/he has swollen ears

babaagizide vai s/he has swollen feet

babaamadaawangose vai s/he walks about on sand

babaamadaawe vai s/he goes about trading