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ayinanokii vai s/he works in certain ways, works here and there in certain ways

ayinaabi vai s/he looks around, scans

ayinaajimo vai s/he tells in certain ways. tells different stories

ayinaakonige vai s/he points something stick-like in certain directions; s/he makes judgements, decides things, agrees to things in a certain way

ayindazhim vta

ayindazhishimo vai s/he dances around in a certain place, dances here and there

ayindaa vai s/he lives here and there, lives in a certain place for some time

ayindi vai s/he has something the matter with h/

ayindoodam vai2 s/he does things in a certain way repeatedly

ayinendi vai s/he is away, absent, gone so long

ayishpaabiigibide vii it moves up and down fast on a string or line

ayizhichige vai s/he does certain things, does something now and then

azhashki ni mud

(verb of abundance) azhashkiikaa vii there is (a lot of) mud (verb of being) azhashkiiwan vii it is muddy (verb of being) azhashkiiwi vai s/he is muddy
azhashkiikaa vii there is (a lot of) mud

azhashkiiwakamigaa vii it is muddy ground

azhashkiiwan vii it is muddy

Paired with: azhashkiiwi vai

azhashkiiwaagamin vii [BL] it (a liquid) is muddy

azhashkiiwi vai s/he is muddy

Paired with: azhashkiiwan vii

azhashkiiwininjii vai s/he has muddy hands

azhashkiiwishkige vai s/he leaves muddy foot tracks

azhashkiiwizide vai s/he has muddy feet

azhawaasin vii it gets dull

azaadi na a poplar, an aspen

trembling aspen
Populus tremuloides

(verb of being) azaadiiwi vai it (animate) is a poplar
azaadii-biigijiisag ni punky poplar wood used for smoking hides

See also: azaadiiwi-bigijiisag ni

azaadiibag ni a poplar leaf, an aspen leaf