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ayaanzigweshimowag vai they dance with necks together

ayaapii adv tmp every once in a while, every now and then

ayaapiichinaag adv tmp every once in a while, every now and then; now and then

ayaaw vta have h/; own h/

Paired with: ayaan vti4

ayekobani'o vai [BL]

ayekobani'o vai [BL] s/he is tired from exertion, is tired from moving h/ body too fast

ayekogaade vai s/he is tired in h/ leg

ayekogwayawe vai s/he is tired in h/ neck

ayeko' vta make h/ tired

ayekomanji'o vai s/he feels tired

See also: ayekwamanji'o vai

ayekonaagozi vai s/he looks tired, seems tired

ayekoninjii vai s/he has tired hands

ayekozi vai s/he is tired

See also: ekozi vai [LLC]

ayekozide vai s/he has tired feet

ayekoziiwinaagozi vai s/he looks tired

ayekwamanji'o vai s/he feels tired

See also: ayekomanji'o vai

ayekwaawigane vai s/he has a tired back

ayezhininjii-minjikaawan na a glove

See also: niisiigi-minjikaawan na ; niisiigininjii-minjikaawan na

ay' pc disc missed it!; oops! damn! [expression of displeasure at accident or mistake]

See also: hay' pc interj

ayi'ii pron psl I don't remember what; a thing

See also: aya'aa pron psl ; aya'ii pron psl

ayikwanagwe vai h/ sleeves are pulled up

ayikwanaamo vai

ayina'am vai2 s/he sings certain ways, sings certain songs

ayina'azh vta follow h/ on trail to certain places

ayina'e vai s/he aims or shoots here and there