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misakakojiish na [S] a badger

American badger
Taxisea taxus

See also: mitanask na [N]

mitanask na [N] a badger

American badger
Taxisea taxus

See also: misakakojiish na [S]

debinaak adv man badly; carelessly; any old way

mashkimod ni a bag, a sack

bag with closeable top
gashkibidaagan na a bag with closeable top: a tobacco bag, a pipe bag, a satchel; [ML] a bandolier bag

gashkibidaagan ni a bag that can be pulled closed: a pouch, a tobacco bag, a pipe bag, a bundle, a satchel

See also: gashkibidaagan na

bandolier bag
aazhooningwa'on ni a bandolier bag

cloth bag
bagiwayaaneshkimod ni a cloth bag

have bag
omashkimodaa vai s/he has a bag or bags, has a sack or sacks

take along bag
niimashkimode vai s/he takes along a bag or bags

make bag
mashkimodeke vai s/he makes a bag, makes a sack

medicine bag
midewayaan na a Mide medicine bag

paper bag
mazina'igani-mashkimodens ni a paper sack, a paper bag

rice bag
manoomini-mashkimod ni a bag or sack for wild rice

manoominiwazh ni a bag or sack for wild rice; a bag or sack filled with wild rice

shell bag
biindasinaan ni a bag for ammunition: a shell bag, a shot pouch

certain number of bags
dasooshkimod qnt num a certain number of bags

dasooshkin qnt num certain number of bags; so many bags

so many bags
dasooshkin qnt num certain number of bags; so many bags

half a bag
aabitooshkin qnt num half a bag

one bag
ingodooshkin qnt num one bag

See also: ningodooshkin qnt num

two bags
niizhooshkimod qnt num two bags

niizhooshkin qnt num two bags

three bags
nisooshkimod qnt num three bags

nisooshkin qnt num three bags

four bags
niiwooshkin qnt num four bags

See also: niiyooshkin qnt num

niiyooshkimod qnt num four bags

niiyooshkin qnt num four bags

five bags
naanooshkimod qnt num five bags

naanooshkin qnt num five bags

six bags
ingodwaasooshkin qnt num six bags

See also: ningodwaasooshkin qnt num

ningodwaasooshkin qnt num six bags

See also: ingodwaasooshkin qnt num

seven bags
niizhwaasooshkimod qnt num seven bagfuls; seven bags

niizhwaasooshkin qnt num seven bags

eight bags
nishwaasooshkin qnt num eight bags

See also: ishwaasooshkin qnt num

ishwaasooshkin qnt num eight bags

See also: nishwaasooshkin qnt num

nine bags
zhaangasooshkimod qnt num nine bags

zhaangasooshkin qnt num nine bags

ten bags
midaasooshkimod qnt num ten bags

midaasooshkin qnt num ten bags

[remove water]
iska'ibii vai s/he bails

bail out
[pay for]
bail out
diba' vta pay for h/ or it (animate); bail h/ out

Paired with: diba'an vti See also: diba'wi vta [NI]

miijimikanjige vai [S] s/he baits things

miijimikandan vti [S] bait it

gokeyawikaadan vti [N] bait it

miijimikanjigan ni [S] bait

gokeyaw ni [N] bait

ogokeyawin vai + o [N] have or use it/it (animate) as bait

biindaabika'an vti [BL] bake, roast it in the oven

Paired with: biindaabika' vta [BL]

giboz vta cook it (animate) in the oven, bake it (animate)

Paired with: gibozan vti

gibozan vti cook it in the oven; bake it

Paired with: giboz vta

gibozige vai s/he bakes things; s/he roasts things in the oven

biindaabika' vta [BL] bake h/ in an oven

Paired with: biindaabika'an vti [BL]

bakwezhiganikewikwe na a baker (female)

bakwezhiganikewinini na a baker